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From now on you can organize a corporate event, online training and connect with participants via the mobile application. We have adapted our event system to meet your expectations and enable you to achieve your business goals. You have the possibility of unlimited contact with your team, colleagues, clients and partners via live broadcast. What is the live streaming function in the application?

Streaming - live broadcast

When business space encounters unexpected obstacles, your company, organization or institution can continue to function efficiently. There's no denying that business and training activities move into the Internet. This is a trend that has been observed for some time now. All thanks to innovative solutions that are available on the market.

Interestingly, these solutions have not been taken into account for a long time by most people. However, the situation has changed. A modern alternative, which enables continuity of work and uninterrupted communication with recipients (clients, co-workers, trainees) is live streaming, i.e. live transmissions.

Be ready for an online event

We are well aware that as an organizer of various types of events you care about staying in touch with your recipients. That is why we have introduced an option to add streaming to our MConference system. Thanks to that, if necessary, you can activate it at any time, e.g. to organize a remote training for the team or an online conference.


The live broadcast can be accessed by participants from the mobile application and the event website. It is up to you whether you decide on one or both options. In the case of live broadcast, you can provide participants with additional options e.g.:
- Chat with the speaker / host,
- materials to download in various formats,
- Wall with current information,
- the agenda of the event,
- thematic articles.

Thanks to this, each online event will allow you to achieve your business goals.

Streaming in the mobile app

You decide which live broadcast tool you choose (e.g. YouTube Live, Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, BigBlueButton etc.). All we need is information about the service provider and a generated streaming code. On this basis we will be able to introduce a new function in the admin panel.
You have 2 possibilities to publish the stream in the system:
- as a separate module - a list of streams will be created according to the realization,
- as an element of the agenda in the application - e.g. streaming will be placed under the description of the lecture that will have the live broadcast.

Online broadcasts from anywhere

Is the streaming option suitable for your company / institution / enterprise? If you organize events, trainings, conferences and want to expand your business, definitely yes! All the more so, because soon live streaming will not only enter the world of events. It will also be one of the basic forms of communication and marketing activities in other industries. This type of meetings has a huge potential and will play an important role in business reality. Therefore, it is worth to explore the topic and open up to new opportunities.

Let's stay in touch!

Do you have additional questions about the new option we have introduced? Are you thinking about implementing an online broadcasting function for the upcoming event? Write to us and we will be happy to answer all your questions related to streaming and offer you the best solutions.



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