How can our Check-in application help you?

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Welcoming guests to an event, registering, listing and making notes has never been easier!  From the organizer's perspective, the Check-in application is an absolute "must have" for any type of event. Why? You are a few clicks away from being able to control the list of participants in your event from anywhere, anytime. And that's not all!

No more organizational chaos

The Check-in application will allow you to save valuable time for yourself and your participants. You will be able to efficiently verify the number of new arrivals and receive an automatic response about the number of present guests. No counting, no mistakes and unnecessary nerves.

Multifunctional guest list

The Check-in application, that we have created within our MConference event management system, is a very practical solution. By the use of a mobile phone or any other mobile device with connection to the Internet, you will be able to:

  • verify the presence of the guests;
  • check the number of already arrived guests and whether the event may start;
  • discreetly check whether the given person has the status VIP and need a special assistance;
  • add comments which help you to do certain actions such as i.e. issue an invoice.

Due to technology you can shorten the time of handling a single participant as much as possible. This automatically increases the quality of the service provided by you as an organizer, and ultimately can have a significant impact on the positive assessment of the event itself.

Check-in desk at hand

We are aware of the fact that as an organizer and the person responsible for the whole event you want to keep everything under control. It is possible thanks to our mobile application. With the app at hand, you can verify your knowledge of a particular participant at any time. If you are not sure if a given person is authorized to take part in a closed workshop, just enter the participant’s last name in the browser and you’ll know within a few seconds.

Not only the guest list

Our Check-in application is not just a list of event participants. On the basis of the guest list you may also mark certain actions such as the issue/receipt of headphones for translation or information on returning to the bus for specific persons or groups.

Ask about the Check-in application for your event

Check-in application is a luxury you can afford as an organizer. This is an investment that will save your money and time. What is more, it will make the preparation and implementation of certain actions during the event reach a completely new, higher quality level.  

Are you planning an event? Do you care about professional service and are you thinking about implementing an event system? We will be happy to carry out your plan! Contact us. It will be a pleasure for us to get to know your idea for the perfect event and take part in it from the technical point of view.

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