How to automate registration and sale of tickets for an event?

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Everyone who had a chance to organize such an event as a training or a conference knows that this is a real challenge and requires a lot of work and commitment of competent people. What if we tell you that you can reduce costs, improve preparation, save time and achieve success without human factor?

Our digital solution, the mobile application and the event management system, will help you out at the early stages of the event organization. How? See below for more details.

How does online registration work?

The process of online registration for an event depends on the organizer. You can have one or two-stage registration. How do they differ? In the first case, every participant of the event may register himself by filling out the form and buying the ticket. The second option gives you the possibility of verification every participant. This means that the first step is to apply for participation in the event by filling in the appropriate fields in the form, but the ticket can be purchased only after the approval of the registration.  The information about whether you accept or reject the application of a given person is sent to the recipient each time by e-mail.

There are 3 ways to register for an online event:

  • registration form in the form of a dedicated website for the event,
  • registration form as an integrated part of the event's website (check),
  • registration form in a mobile application.

What does the registration form contain?

It may contain any field that an organizer needs or just a basic registration data such as:

  • name and surname
  • the name of the company
  • an email address
  • a telephone number

Would you like to know more about the participant? We can add fields to the form that will allow you to do so, e.g.:

  • job position in the company,
  • information on how the person found out about the event,
  • link to WWW / social media profile,
  • a place to write a few words about yourself.

Do you need to obtain custom information? The space in the form is unlimited. You can also ask about:

  • eating preferences (if lunch is scheduled during the event),
  • a need to book accommodation,
  • a need to issue an invoice,
  • and many other important issues from the point of view of the organizer.

Selling tickets through the mobile application

Selling tickets through the mobile application

Event management system MConference gives you the opportunity to sell tickets directly to the event.

This allows the whole process to run smoothly, without the need to send e-mails and reply to messages. You gain valuable time, and sales and customer service are realized without your physical participation.

Types of tickets

We have a few types of tickets, and we are putting into practice those that are the most relevant to a particular event. The basic tickets include:

  • single tickets,
  • group tickets (the discount for a single participant is calculated on the basis of a specified number of people),
  • group tickets (in order to get the discount, the group must have a specific number of people),
  • early birds tickets (tickets made available for sale well in advance, at a lower price).

In the future, we plan to introduce the option of discounts through discount codes, reserve list enrolment and the possibility to limit the number of seats.

How is the online payment processed?

At the moment of filling in the form, the participant has the possibility to choose the payment method from among the options that you as the organizer chose. Ticket for the event can be paid by traditional bank transfer or by fast payment: PayU, Przelewy24. We can also integrate other payment systems into your account, if you wish.

In the case of a traditional bank transfer, you have to confirm the payment manually in the panel. In the case of quick payments, the whole process is automatic: the money goes to a dedicated account, and the confirmation goes straight to the participant. The only thing you need to take care of before the event is to write off the contract directly with the provider of quick payments. The good news is that we can also help you with that. If we, as the creators of the system, initiate the implementation of the agreement, you, as the organizer, can count on preferential terms.

Online payment

And what next?

After filling in the registration form and paying the ticket, the user automatically receives access to the individual account which can be used in the mobile application during the event. And that's not all!

Automatic generation of invoices

MConference event management system automatically generates invoices for clients who need them, and it almost entirely takes over issues of accounting for the participants for their participation in the event. You just need to set the appropriate numbering of documents in the system.

Professional event mobile application

An event management system is an asset and its use should be seen in such categories. It allows you to effectively streamline the registration and selling tickets process. If you are interested in implementing MConference event system, you need additional functions that we have not written about in the article or you simply have additional questions, we are at your disposal.

We invite you to contact us. We will gladly clear any doubts, serve professional advice and experience.


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