How to encourage participants to use the MK Events event application?

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As the organizer of an event, you want it to be perfect in every aspect. But a good plan is only half the success. The second equally important part is really dependent on the participants, in particular their involvement. If you invest in an event application, you want all participants to use it actively. So how to encourage them to do it?

The key to success is promotion at the right time and in the right way. How to do this? We recommend dividing your advertising actions into three stages: before, during and after the event.

Before the event

If you decide to introduce a mobile application during the event, it is worth to inform about it in advance. Why? First of all, thanks to this procedure you will increase the number of people who will download the application to be up to date with all the news. And secondly, you have a unique opportunity to present the benefits of using this solution.

The activities promoting the application carried out before the event may include:

  • Mailing (can be an informative/educational form, thanks to which all participants will learn what they will gain from using the application);
  • Social Media (a modern and most popular form of communication, thanks to which it is possible to reach specific target groups);
  • Links on the website (on the event website it is worth inserting a link to download the application and a guide to its functions);
  • Information in the news.

During the event

You can also successfully promote the mobile application during the event to maximize your results. It is a form of reminding participants about all available possibilities of the app, which will facilitate the functioning during the event. What is more, thanks to properly designed advertising and marketing messages you are able to engage participants in specific activities, e.g. by downloading the application you do not have to carry a paper schedule with you, etc.

How to promote the application during the event? You can use:

  • Roll ups (encouraging to download the app or use specific functions);
  • QR Code at the reception desk (quick scan helps you to easily install the application);
  • Information during the sessions/lectures;
  • Quizzes (If you invite third parties to organize an event, you can use the application to present partners or sponsors, organize contests / quizzes.

After the event

The promotion of the application after the event is focused, among others, on maintaining contact with the participants or advertising subsequent events. And all this to verify its usefulness.

Activities promoting the usefulness of the application include
•    Photo report;
•    Uploading materials from the conference;
•    News with PushNotification;
•    Surveys with questions about the future edition of the event.

Since you already know when and how to promote an event application, remember about one more important issue i.e. technology itself is useless. When planning an event, think carefully about what you want to achieve by introducing modern solutions for the participants. Besides just having an app, the app should give users a specific value and be functional.

Are you planning to organize an event and want to use the event application as a form of contact with participants and speakers? You don't really know what to pay attention to and what will be useful for you? Contact us! We will be happy to share our experience and suggest appropriate solutions.


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