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We start with a new cycle of publications on the blog! And all this so that you can verify the usefulness of the functions of our MConference event management system on specific examples.

We will be focusing on case studies and analyzing event solutions for companies that turned to us with a request for support in the organization of the event, the process of cooperation and its effects. See by yourself how our event management system can make your life easier.

Everybody forgets

Everyone's got a lot of stuff on their mind to do. Therefore, any automation of the calendar and notifications of upcoming events is priceless. Training specialists in PLAY, the largest mobile network in Poland, know about it. And that is what we will devote the first case study to.

First of all, a diagnosis

PLAY organized the internal trainings for its employees. The program has provided for a series of thematic sessions at specific times. The event organizers wanted the participants to arrive at the indicated place and time on time to avoid delays in the schedule, so the event could run smoothly.

The best solution

The people responsible for organization of PLAY event saw the benefits of push notifications in mobile application. Thanks to our MConference event management system they effectively solved the problem of delays. What is more, we adjusted the colors of interface to brand book of the company to maintain consistency in every detail.

What was the push notification function for PLAY? On the basis of the agenda we planned notifications in advance, i.e. PushNotifications, which were sent to users before every agenda item.

Thus, each person received a specific information from the organizer, which looked as follows:

Title: We start in 5 minutes!

Message: Join us in room number 2 on the first floor.

Great results

The function of PushNotifications for PLAY passed the exam for 6! Thanks to the fact that every participant received in advance information directly to his phone:

  • everybody was on time in the right place,
  • every session started on time,
  • the organizers avoided the situation where individual participants were asking organizational questions because everything was in the application,
  • the event was carried out according to the schedule without the need to shorten or extend individual sessions.

What is more, functionality and effectiveness of MConference event management system was appreciated by the speakers invited to the event.

Keep in touch!

Do you have any additional questions about the evaluation feature of our mobile app? Do you need professional support in preparing a specific event? Contact us! We will be happy to answer all your questions and find the best solution for your event to go smoothly.

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