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The beginning of 2017 was very intense for us. We implemented many new functionalities and started cooperation with very interesting clients such as GSK, Aviva or VELUX.

In cooperation with Mea Group interactive agency we prepared our application for the conference organized internally by GlaxoSmithKline. Due to GSK requirements regarding safety issues our application has been thoroughly tested by IT Security Department of GSK.

The tests were successfully completed and we can say that we have safe application that meets the security standards. For the purpose of this conference we prepared a module of participants’ evaluation during the trainings. The organizer used the function of asking questions to participants in a very interesting way.

In January we also started cooperation with Aviva. MConference was used and still is by Aviva during the internal events. For the purpose of these events we prepared new functionalities in the form of a timeline a’ la Facebook (adding posts with photos, comments, likes) and a module of gamification.

At the end of January our application was used during Exodus Conference with a several thousand participants. Our conference application has successfully undergone load tests.

Continuing our cooperation with Mea Group we prepared our application for the conference - VELUX Na Dachu Świata. It’s an event organized internally by VELUX for its employees.

The 11th Top Medical Trends Congress 2017 organized by Termedia will be held tomorrow in Poznań, and Mail My Day Conference organized by FreshMail will take place on March 22. The participants will be able to view information regarding the event on the ongoing basis through our application.

Also on March 22, the 5th edition of Polish Business Analytics Summit will be held. The biggest and the most important meeting of business analytics practitioners in Poland. For the conference organizer, Trio Conferences, we prepared a new module in our application, namely arranging meetings. Due to this function, the participants may search people who they would like to talk to during the event and then arrange a meeting. The archives of business cards keep all the contacts.       

MConference apart from informational functions, interactions or feedback moves towards supporting the conference organization. The first step was launching the function of registration for the conference. We prepared this module for the purpose of the 2nd Congress of National Dietetics and Functional Medicine organized by GR MED. Our conference application was used during the first edition of the congress. The next step will be the integration of fast payments and function of check-in during the event. It’s all ahead of us!

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