Are you planning to organize an event and wondering if it is worth investing in the professional event application? This technological solution is perfect for every event regardless of the event size and number of participants. Thanks to the event application you may streamline your event and save a lot of time. That’s why we are presenting you 5 reasons for which investing in an event application is a good idea!

As the organizer of an event, you want it to be perfect in every aspect. But a good plan is only half the success. The second equally important part is really dependent on the participants, in particular their involvement. If you invest in an event application, you want all participants to use it actively. So how to encourage them to do it?

The key to success is promotion at the right time and in the right way. How to do this? We recommend dividing your advertising actions into three stages: before, during and after the event.

Welcome back after the break! You haven’t heard from us a while, but we have a good excuse! We were working on our MConference event system and developing new functions. We are sure that they will improve the organization of your event and positively surprise all participants.

On June 7-8, in the Multikino cinema at Warsaw's Zlote Tarasy was held the 11th edition of Forum IAB. We took part in this prestigious event for the first time and we were hugely impressed. Ten previous editions mean a wealth of experience and I must admit that the organization was outstanding. On account of the cooperation with IAB Polska, our mobile application also supported this event. It was an amazing experience for us.   

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