The beginning of 2017 was very intense for us. We implemented many new functionalities and started cooperation with very interesting clients such as GSK, Aviva or VELUX.

What do the organizers of the conference care about most? They care about success and the proper organization of the conference that will attract many participants, in particular satisfied participants. How to encourage people to participate in the conference? How to make participants satisfied? These are the questions every organizer of the event seeks answers for. First of all, the subject matter of the conference, appropriate speakers, topics and the high level of these elements. Last but not least, is the conference organization itself. In this article we will focus on this part. This post starts the series of advices how to better organize the conference.

Today, 11 September 2016, begins another edition of FedCSIS organized by the Polish Information Processing Society. MConference supports this event. It is an excellent example of using the conference application during such a large scale event. The four-day program is huge, more than 600 speakers, panelists. It’s a serious challenge for the organizers.

We would like to inform that MConference supports the 4th International Maritime Congress in Szczecin.

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